Construction drags on for major transport infrastructures

Many traffic infrastructures in the eastern area of Ho Chi Minh City have been under contructions for more than 3 years, which is causing great inconvenience for people’s daily life and travel.
Nam Ly Bridge still under constructions after 3 years
Nam Ly Bridge still under constructions after 3 years
One notable example is Nam Ly Bridge in District 9, meant to facilitate waterway travel on Rach Chiec River.
The 449m long bridge with an investment of VND857 billion (about US$37 million) was planned to be completed within 18 months; however, constructions have been stagnant for 3 years.
The large construction enclosure significantly narrows down the surrounding streets, causing lasting heavy congestions during rush hour.  In addition, as many as 67 households had been dismantled to make way for the construction.
In another development, the new Mien Dong Coach Station whose construction started in April of 2017 has yet to be finalized. The station is located in between HCMC’s District 9 and Binh Duong Province , with a total investment of about VND4,000 billion (about US$173 million).
The delays are due to incomplete connecting routes and auxiliary facilities, explained the main contractor Sai Gon Mechanical Engineering Corporation (Samco).
According to Samco’s representative, when buses come into operation without proper connection infrastructures, it can lead to high risk of collisions.
Additionally, unresolved legal problems originating from higher ups also keep the station from being put into operation. Samco had reportedly rescheduled the station’s opening date three times so far, causing inconvenience all across the board.

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