City leader asks Can Gio District to move people out of dangerous areas

Ho Chi Minh City Deputy Chairman Nguyen Trung Tin on Wednesday required the local authorities on Thanh An island in Can Gio District to actively move people out of dangerous areas that are at risk of the upcoming rainstorm season.

Experts said that more than 4,600 people of the Thanh Binh and Thanh Hoa communes in particular, must evacuate to safer locations soon.

Local authorities will move 30-50 percent of the total number of people in the district to the Giong Ao area of Can Thanh town.

The remaining people, including fisherman and salt makers, will be moved to other safe places where they may safely continue their livelihoods.

The local government will also focus on saving areas of land in order to promote the tourism potential of the island. 

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