Citizens in HCMC to use one sole app for travel, medical declaration

Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Le Hoa Binh yesterday provided useful information regarding recovery plans of the city after September 15 in the ‘Citizens – City Leaders: Question and Response’ livestream session.

Citizens in HCMC to use one sole app for travel, medical declaration ảnh 1

Vice Chairman Le Hoa Binh informed that the economic recovery plan, already submitted to the Standing Committee of HCMC Party Committee, will follow three distinct stages, the first of which lasts from September 16-30.

During that time, the city prepares important content for the piloting plan to allow certain economic activities in the three green districts of 7, Cu Chi, and Can Gio. This plan is expected to help the city reach the dual target of economic growth and medical safety.

With regard to the matter of controlling the Covid-19 outbreak in HCMC, the Vice Chairman stressed that it is impossible, as being consulted by medical experts, to achieve zero F0 cases in the community now.

Therefore, the city intends to review the current status and introduces adjustments in manufacturing methods as well as daily life activities of citizens after September 15, with a high priority on online procedures and stable connections between supply and demand.

Meanwhile, the vaccination task must be sped up for a wider coverage and the medical safety level must be improved for ease of socio-economic recovery activities.

As to citizens’ travelling regulations, Vice Chairman Binh informed that from September 16, shippers in the city are allowed to do inter-district goods delivery as long as they follow Covid-19 prevention and control rules strictly. The city will continue to perform quick tests on these people free of charge until September 30.

Simultaneously, the city is developing a practical application for smart devices so that residents can solely use it to self-declare their traveling routes, update medical information, including Covid-19 vaccination one. This means people will not need many apps or registration for a travel permit to go out.