Two Vietnamese men commit suicide after losing World Cup bet

Two men in Ho Chi Minh City committed suicide after they allegedly lost the money which they placed on the world cup matches.

One of men who commit suicide after lossing moeny on World Cup bets (Photo: SGGP)
One of men who commit suicide after lossing moeny on World Cup bets (Photo: SGGP)
Thong Nhat Hospital yesterday announced to succeed in treating two men who committed suicide by taking rat poison and pesticide after they lost a big sum on world cup bet.
The first man, 33, is a delivery tricycle driver in Hoc Mon District. The gambler admitted to loss VND300 million ($13,077) in bets on several World Cup games.
Because it was a big sum, he couldn’t pay back leading to a decision of suicide to release the family’s burden. However, after drinking three rat poison packs, he thought again and phoned his relatives to take him to the infirmary.
Another man in Tan Binh District was taken to the hospital’s emergency treatment department on the day when he was unconscious because of taking pesticide. His relative revealed that he lost money on world cup betting.
The first man underwent colon cleanse while the second underwent stomach cleanse, said Dr. Hoang Ngoc Anh, deputy head of the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. Two will be discharged in a few next days.
Dr. Anh added thankfully, both of them were taken to hospital early; therefore, they don’t suffer complications including kidney and liver failure, heartbeat disorder and breathing problems.
Sometimes, the hospital admits some cases of suicide. In addition to treating them, the hospital also provides psychological consultation to prevent second suicide intention, Dr. Anh said.
Early in the day, People’s Hospital 115 received a young man, around twentieth, who was diagnosed to brain injury; maybe, he might jump from a building. He has no personal papers. However, his pant pocket was full of receipts of pawn shops.

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