Tropical low pressure system enters East Sea

A tropical- low pressure system entered the East Sea this morning, reported the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center.

At 7am today, it was located at 18.9 degrees north latitude and 119.5 degrees east longitude at around 130 kilometers of the northwestwards of Philippines’s Luzon Island. The strongest wind near the center gusted 40- 60 kilometers an hour. 

Within next 24 hours, the depression will slowly move the northwestwards at 5 kilometers per hour after it is predicted to develop into a typhoon. 

By 7am tomorrow, the storm will be at 19.8 degrees north latitude and 118.7 degrees east longitude at 580 kilometers of the southeastwards of Hong Kong (China) with its powerful wind of 60-75 kilometers an hour. 

Because of an influence of the tropical- low depression, the northeastern water territories of the East Sea will see wind of level 6-10 and sea rough.  

The dangerous zone will be at 17.0 degrees north latitude and 115.0 degrees east longitude. 

In next 24- 48 hours, the typhoon will continue moving the northwestwards at 10 kilometers an hour, and it is forecast to strongly operate.

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