Three Vietnamese football teams to attend AFC Champions League, AFC Cup 2021

The Asian Football Federation has just made a decision on changing the number and rules of football teams in the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup 2021 after counting total score of national clubs in Asian club leagues in the past years for ranking.
AFC Champions League is a goal of many football clubs
AFC Champions League is a goal of many football clubs

Accordingly, Vietnam will send three teams to attend the two sport evens.

Currently, Vietnam is ranked eighth in the East Asia ranking with a published score of 28,571. 

With the result, Vietnam will send the 2020 national champion (V-League 2020) to the group stage of the AFC Champions League. 

Vietnam will be also one of three countries from the Southeast Asia along with Malaysia and Singapore to qualify the group stage of AFC Cup 2021.

VFF will select Hanoi FC, the 2020 National Cup champion and the second runner to participate in AFC Cup 2021.

The AFC Cup and AFC Champion League 2021 are expected to run from February 8 to November 6. 

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