Project of combination on theater and tourism unsuccessful

Art brings people together. It encourages community gatherings and serves as a center of activity. Art attracts visitors from far-off destinations and increases tourism. Therefore, a few years ago, when tourism was at its peak, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism initiated a project of ‘Theater – tourism’ to bring the stage to develop together with tourism. However, the project is unsuccessful
Project of combination on theater and tourism unsuccessful ảnh 1
The Hanoi Opera House has been selected as a destination for culture and tourism.
According to the Ministry’s plan, a 30-minute program and an hour-long program would be performed by actors and actresses at theaters such as Vietnamese Cheo, Vietnamese Tuong, Vietnamese Dance and Music. The Ministry expected that a combination of musical performance and a cultural tourism product with Vietnamese identity will attract more holiday-makers to the country.
Moreover, artists can earn extra income and the tourism industry also has more experience products for visitors. After the initial enthusiasm, everything was confused because the performance was not as good as an expectation; hence, travel agencies were not interested in it and the project has been also gradually unsuccessful.
After two years of the Covid-19 epidemic, when theaters reopened and the tourism sector revived with more travelers, artists returned to look for opportunities from tourists. However, leaders of the art sector admitted that the sector is short of good dramas for tourists.
Korea has done this well. Not many tourists to Korea have refused to attend the show Nanta Cooking or The Queen's Banquet, Jump Show because they can both relax and have the opportunity to learn and discover more about the host country’s culture.
Interestingly, all shows have simple content even without dialogue, the stage layout is not very sophisticated and modern, but artists try their best to perform vibrantly and funnily.
The performance show Memories of Hoi An in the Central Province of Quang Nam, for example, was changed many times and later became one of the most popular art destinations favored by tourists when coming to the province.

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