Phu Quy island targets green tourism

 The central province of Binh Thuan will implement some major projects in service of tourism development on Phu Quy by 2030, towards turning the island into a destination of green tourism. 
Trieu Duong bay in Phu Quy island
Trieu Duong bay in Phu Quy island

The projects, part of a plan to realise the tourism development planning for Phu Quy island to 2030 issued on June 11, will build technical infrastructure for tourism activities in fishing villages, upgrade local roads, the Phu Quy port and Phu Quy airport, purchase high-speed boats and start a water desalination plant.

Under the tourism development planning, by 2025, Phu Quy is set to become a key tourism destination in Binh Thuan, serving about 45,000 visitors, including around 3,000 foreigners. The number of holiday-makers to the island is expected to grow 13.4 percent annually between 2021-2025. 

The total figure is hoped to reach 74,000 by 2030, including some 6,000 foreign arrivals, and the annual growth rate of the local tourism sector is projected at 10.46 percent during the 2026-2030 period. 

Phu Quy has met all the criteria set for a provincial tourist site. It also holds a significant position in the south central coastal region. 

Covering around 17, the small island has seen an increase in the number of visitors since it was voted as one of the most beautiful islands in the East Sea by readers of US news site CNN last year.

According to locals, the time between December and June is the best time to visit.

Visitors can take a train or coach to the province’s Phan Thiet city and then a speedboat for about 2.5 hours to reach the island.

Phu Quy has a population of about 27,000, most of whom are fishermen.

The island impresses visitors with its wild scenery, beautiful beaches, knolls, hills and sand dunes.

Must-see places include the Phu Quy‎ Lighthouse on Cam Mountain, Linh Son Pagoda on Cao Cat Mountain, Trieu Duong Bay, Linh Buu and Linh Quang pagodas, Ngu Phung stone embankment, Thay Nai Palace, a museum displaying a gigantic skeleton of whale at Van An Thanh, a wind farm and coastal floating fishing cages.

The island welcomed about 16,500 visitors last year.

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