People's Council delegates must play key role in Covid fight: City Party Chief

Each delegate of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Council is a major soldier in the combat against Covid-19 and an active participant in the follow-up plans for the city to recover economically and socially, said Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen in the 2nd meeting of HCMC People’s Council for the 2021-2026 term held yesterday.

Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen is delivering his speech in the 2nd meeting of HCMC People’s Council for the 2021-2026 term (Photo: SGGP)

Secretary Nguyen Van Nen expressed his deepest appreciation first to the Central Party Committee, the Government, Vietnam Fatherland Front, and several ministries, state organizations and units for their timely direction and aid lately.

He then thanked the frontline forces, including the medical staff, the localities, business communities, religious organizations, overseas Vietnamese communities, and charity groups, who have continuously done their jobs to the best to save life of and cure Covid-19 patients.

The City Party Chief also asked that meeting participants save one minute to pray for dead Covid-19 patients and their alive families. He also expressed his understanding of all kinds of trouble that laborers in HCMC are facing right now even though the municipal authorities are striving to minimize dead cases and ensure sufficient social security for all city dwellers.

Secretary Nen said that during this harsh time, HCMC People’s Council has displayed its great and effective efforts in observing all regulations and policies. He praised that the Council has been active and prompt in implementing Resolution No.09 about specific regulations and policies to prevent and control Covid-19 as well as supporting those severely affected by this pandemic.

HCMC People’s Council is also applauded for timely responding to citizens’ reports and feedbacks via the 1022 hotline regarding Covid-19 prevention and control tasks.

It has been able to successfully mobilize help from charity groups and the community to hold meaningful supporting programs like ‘100,000 face masks for the medical staff and the pandemic prevention and control teams’, ’10,000 packages for poor people and workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic’, ‘300,000 protective clothes for the medical staff and the pandemic prevention and control teams’.

The Secretary informed that after collecting Covid-19 fight data from HCMC and other provinces, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh sent Official Dispatch No.1102 two days ago to all provinces and cities in the country regarding increasing the level of measures used for Covid-19 prevention and control.

Since HCMC now has medication and medical equipment to cure Covid-19 patients, a new treatment model which has been piloted successfully in certain areas of the city, a large number of volunteers who are available to care for patients, and a strong determination of both the authorities and the whole community. Therefore, the city is confident to achieve goals set in Directive 11 by HCMC People’s Committee in three weeks.

People's Council delegates must play key role in Covid fight: City Party Chief ảnh 2 Secretary Nen is discussing matters with other city leaders during the meeting. (Photo: SGGP)

The Prime Minister’s Official Dispatch 1102 states that each ward and town must be a fortress and each citizen must be a soldier in the fierce fight against Covid-19. The strict observation of regulations and policies is the key to ensure success of this fight. This must be both the responsibility and the right of each individual towards his or her family and community.

In this combat, each delegate of HCMC People’s Council has a duty to help raise the public’s awareness and alert to the highest level possible.

Secretary Nen once again insisted that the top priority at present is to minimize dead cases. Hence, Covid-19 test procedures must be carried out in red zones first to stop the further spread of the virus while curtailing deaths. When doing test, old people, pregnant women, overweight people, and people with underlying medical problems must be on the top priority list since these groups easily turn worse when being infected. These vulnerable people must be vaccinated first as well.

Social distancing measures are still effective ones now, as long as people agree to stay in one place, with daily needs being satisfied by the localities, said the City Party Chief. It is important to effectively connect to charity groups to deliver as much help as possible to those in need.

Secretary Nen divided city dwellers into three groups of those having sufficient finance but not being able to go shopping during the social distance period, those who can survive for one week but not for two weeks, and those who are broken and in dire need of essential commodities. Each group will require a different treatment method to pass this stricter social distance time.

Finally, he mentioned the necessity to update formal information promptly so that the public are not tricked by fake news. Since there are many unexpected situations when carrying out Covid-19 prevention and control tasks, the task forces must be flexible and innovative in coping with these issues. All in all, essential goods supply to the community must always be adequate.

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