Northern localities including Hanoi experience prolonged period of air pollution

The air quality in the capital city of Hanoi and some Northern provinces and cities has been poor in recent days, especially in the early morning.

PAM Air, the first and only private air quality network of Vietnam, applying in 63 cities and provinces, read that there were dozens of points with unhealthy air quality with Air Quaity Index values between 175 and 197 in the capital city of Hanoi. It even topped 300 showing very hazardous air quality from November 5 to November 13.

The air pollution is not only happened in Hanoi but in other Northern provinces and cities such as Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Thai Binh, Ninh Binh and so on in many recent days.

Environmental experts said that air pollution is due to the phenomenon of a temperature inversion that piles up air pollutants from traffic, construction, and industrial production. 

According to Project Manager of PAM Air Ms. Ha Thanh Huong, with the typical climate in the Northern region, there are often waves of poor air quality from November to March with each wave prolonging from two to five days, even one to two weeks. Therefore, during this period, people should monitor air quality regularly and actively protect their health by wearing PM 2.5 masks.

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