Issuance procedure of citizen ID cards with chip in districts

At this time, police officials in Thu Duc City and districts in Ho Chi Minh City are quite busy with the issuance of citizen ID cards with chips. Nevertheless, the issuance procedure of citizen ID card with a chip in districts are discussed because many localities facilitate people's receiving of their chip-based citizen ID cards whereas many residents in other districts have to come to police offices many times but still have not received the special ID cards.


Issuance procedure of citizen ID cards with chip in districts ảnh 1 More people gather in police stations for receiving ID cards with a chip
Last time, localities have been issuing special ID cards. The application of technology via Zalo, Viber has been very effective, now it continues to promote the connection between local authorities and city dwellers.
Ms. My Hanh in Ben Thanh Ward in District 1 praised the government in the ward where she is living because the government has created all conditions for residents to have the new ID cards. Conveniently, all information including the date and time of service for each residential group and neighborhood is immediately notified by the regional police on Zalo.
She added people were informed when a few residents come to the police office for doing the ID so that people gathered to carry out the procedures for issuing and changing for the new ones.
Police officers in each residential compound also go to each household in the area to promptly support those who have the demand for exchanging the new ID cards.
Mr. Nguyen Huu Van in the apartment building in 450 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai in Ward 5 in District 3 said that the local police officer named Minh is very enthusiastic about supporting people to do the ID cards.
Some districts granted the cards on time or before the deadline to residents but some places issued the cards late. For instance, Mr. Son Hung in Binh Thanh said that due to various reasons, he has not yet transferred his Ho khau ( household permanent registration) to a new place of residence and still has his household registration in District 7. It is quite far from his new house to the District 7 Police Station, but he has gone to the police station in District 7 four times for the card.
Another man living in District 7 was also frustrated because he has waited for six months and gone to the police station many times but had not received the card yet.
Mr. Nguyen Anh, living in Thanh Xuan ward, district 12, remembered that in November 2021, his family members made the ID cards with chips. At the end of February 2022, he and his family members were informed by the leader of the residential group to drop by the Social Order Administration Police Team, District 12 Police to receive the cards. When he arrived, he saw a big gathering at the police station so he returned home.
He added that a month later, he thought the number of people coming to receive the cards would decrease but he was wrong. Motorcycles spilled out into the yard. Then he went back a few days but didn't get the appointment. Luckily, two days ago, he was informed that District 12 Police had transferred the ID cards to the police station in Thanh Xuan ward. He said it would be more convenient for residents to receive the ID cards at the ward police station.

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