Chip-based citizen ID cards displays 7 essential information fields

The Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (C06 – under the Public Security Ministry) has recently announced that the chip and QR code attached onto the new version of citizen ID card contains several essential personal information, including Covid-19-related ones. This allows owners not to bring along so many personal documents, while creating more convenience for the functional agencies in their checking task.

Chip-based citizen ID cards displays 7 essential information fields ảnh 1

A QR code on a chip-based citizen ID card displays 7 essential information fields.

The Public Security Ministry has researched to integrate into chip-based citizen ID cards certain necessary personal information, retrieved from the current national population database, the formal app for Covid-19 prevention and control in order to avoid resource waste when serving the needs of both state units and private organizations, businesses.

This ministry has also approved many methods to read the QR code attached on the ID card like its self-developed app named ‘VNEID’, specific devices linked to a computer to scan QR codes with an account registered at

Discussing the possibility of information disclosure when using third-party apps like Zalo to scan and check QR codes on these ID cards, Deputy Director of the National Population Database Center Hoang Van Dung shared that such software can easily access 7 basic personal information of a user in compliance with the law. Therefore, if this scanning is permitted by the QR code’s owner, it is absolutely legal.

If this code is scanned by VNEID, it is completely safe regarding information security, he added.

Besides common ways to declare travel purposes and health status like declaration form scanning or QR code scanning at Covid-19 checkpoints, C06 allows the use of the QR code attached on chip-based citizen ID cards since it is both quick, economic, safe, and precise.

In the upcoming time, the Public Security Ministry is going to add more useful personal information into the chip attached onto the ID card, mostly related to pandemic prevention or work, in order to answer the demands of organizations, businesses, and individuals using it. All information appearing on the card is carefully checked by state officials before integrating onto the card.

Until now, the Ministry of Public Security has distributed around 50 million chip-based citizen ID cards to their owners. C06 is working with experts in the field to develop a QR code reading machine especially for this ID card. The machine either is linked to a computer or works alone (OCR ones) to provide the greatest convenience to the community and ensure precision, information safety.