Information of "rescue" flights synthesized, sent to Ministry of Public Security

Regarding the bribery case at the Consular Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transport has just sent an official letter to direct relevant units, agencies to promptly summarize and report information, dossiers related to repatriation flights of Vietnamese people based on the requirement of the Investigation Security Agency under the Ministry of Public Security.
According to the Ministry of Transport, it was responsible for directing the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) to organize the repatriation flights in accordance with the plan approved by the Consular Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on the concurrence of relevant ministries and agencies. This is an obligated legal procedure on aviation and international law to all flights.

The CAAV was assigned to announce and guide airlines, enterprises providing domestic and international air traffic services and businesses exploiting airports about the implementation of the repatriation flight plan in line with the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control measures on the flights and at the airports. 

However, the Ministry of Transport was not assigned to review and summarize the travel demand and approve the list of citizens eligible for flying or to grant the permit for enterprises to conduct the “rescue” or “combo” flights.

Earlier, under the humanitarian policy of the Party, the State on conducting flights bringing Vietnamese overseas who had special difficult circumstances and demand of coming back to the country amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Transport had worked closely with Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Public Security, Health and National Defense on citizen protection.

With the spirit of collaborating with relevant ministries and agencies, the Ministry of Transport created the most favorable conditions to conduct prompt flights to meet the demand and desire of Vietnamese citizens.

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