HCMC Ring Road 3 project closely on schedule

The construction project of HCMC Ring Road 3 is right on schedule, as stated in the Government’s report No.490 to the National Assembly. However, there might be an insufficiency of sand supply.
HCMC Ring Road 3 project has 8 sub-projects to basically finish in 2025

HCMC Ring Road 3 project has 8 sub-projects to basically finish in 2025

Accordingly, until September 25, all 8 sub-projects have their feasibility reports completed and approved. The total investment amount for them is VND68.7 trillion (US$2.8 billion), a drop of VND6.65 trillion ($272.6 million) compared to the initial estimate.

The total land clearance area is 535/654ha (accounting for 82 percent), including 387/410ha in HCMC (occupying 94 percent), 4/64ha in Dong Nai Province (6 percent), 94/129ha in Binh Duong Province (73 percent), and 50/51ha in Long An Province (98 percent).

HCMC plans to use 7 existing resettlement areas in the districts of Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, 12, and Thu Duc City to distribute land lots for 408 households eligible for resettlement, while 176 cases not entitled to resettlement are given apartments.

The project investor has successfully signed a compensation contract with the owners of 225 technical works within the responsibility of HCMC to be relocated (103 electricity, 66 telecoms, and 56 water supply works). The relocation will be finished by June 2024.

The sub-projects of 1, 5, and 7 (under the charge of the People’s Committees of HCMC, Binh Duong Province, and Long An Province) started on June 18. Sub-project 3, managed by the Dong Nai Province People’s Committee has just begun checking and destroying bombs but no construction yet. The working sub-projects are preparing worker camps, gathering necessary equipment and materials, hiring human resources, establishing labs, creating construction drawings, and leveling the ground.

More importantly, thanks to special mechanisms, the preparation of feasibility reports, estimates, and technical designs, as well as contract selection, land compensation distribution have been reduced by 1.5-2 years.

The planning map of HCMC Ring Road 3

The planning map of HCMC Ring Road 3

However, certain parts of the project ask for more efforts from the investor. For instance, the land clearance task in Dong Nai is not as expected since the origin of some land lots is not identified yet, while the owners of 169 lots cannot be contacted.

At present, the land clearance task for the whole project is 82 percent of the schedule, and is estimated to be completed by the end of this year.

Another important matter is the sand amount of 7.2 million cubic meters for ground leveling and another 1.5 million for construction. HCMC is seeking possible supply sources and can pinpoint 6.9 million cubic meters in total for both purposes.

The Government has instructed related ministries and local authorities to urgently address the matter and try to find alternative materials. Nevertheless, in the near future, when several construction projects for expressways start simultaneously, there might be an insufficiency of this material.

In the third session of the 15th-tenure National Assembly, Resolution No.57/2022/QH15 on an investment project for the construction of HCMC Ring Road No.3 (with a total length of 76.34km, 4 lanes, and a parallel road on each side) was approved.

The project receives an investment of VND75.4 trillion ($3.1 billion) and is estimated to basically finish in 2025 and come into operation in 2026. It has 8 sub-projects, including 4 construction ones. The People’s Committees of HCMC, Dong Nai Province, Long An Province, and Binh Duong Province are responsible for them.

Sub-project No.1 (under the charge of the HCMC People’s Committee) has a length of 47.11km and an investment of VND22.4 trillion ($918.7 million). Under the same management is sub-project No.2 with an investment of VND25.6 trillion ($1.05 billion).

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