HCMC police ready to issue new form of ID card

The Propaganda and Education Board of the HCMC Party Committee yesterday held a press conference on socio-economic news in the city.

People coming to the Division of Police for Administrative Management of Social Order (under the HCMC Department of Public Security) to register for a citizen identification card (Photo: SGGP)

In the meeting, Deputy Head Le Manh Ha of the Staff Division under the HCMC Public Security Department shared that the police force in HCMC is well-prepared for the issuance of the new form of chip-based ID card for people in need from July 1. This Department has also directed its sub-level units to allocate sufficient human resources and equipment for the task, to send notice to those at the eligible age for a new ID card (14 years old) and those reaching the age to change their expired ID card.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Security is urgently preparing necessary technical infrastructure for the mandatory collection of iris and the optional collection of DNA or voice when people come for the ID card registration procedure to add into corresponding databases.

Citizens are encouraged to supplement their biometric data such as DNA, iris and voice because of their health-related benefits as well as quicker and more precise handling when detecting fraudulences.

Also in the meeting, the HCMC Department of Natural Resources and Environment informed that in the first 2 months of 2024, the Office for Land Registration of the city signed and issued certificates for nearly 1,500 registration forms and received another 1,200 forms to process.

This Department pinpoints 10 problems when issuing land-related certificates, mostly in connection with delivering certificates for investors in apartment building projects and then to apartment buyers. Its proposal sent to the HCMC People’s Committee has been reviewed. A task force of the HCMC People’s Committee was formed with the participation of related state agencies and departments to address existing difficulties concerning the issuance of certificates for commercial accommodation projects in the city.

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