HCMC plans to sell 7,000 resettlement apartments

Presently, Ho Chi Minh City is planning to sell more than 7,000 resettlement apartments fearing that the unused apartments have degraded.

HCMC plans to sell 7,000 resettlement apartments
The news was released at a meeting between Deputy Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen and related agencies with the people’s committee in district 4 about socioeconomic tasks in 2019.
In the upcoming time, city authorities will limit new resettlement housing projects. Moreover, local administrations will cooperate with enterprises to develop projects as per their demand. Local administrations will buy some apartments according to their demand and enterprises will sell remaining apartments.
Chairman of the People’s Committee in district 4 Tran Hoang Quan said that the local administration will clear 1,771 slums along canals and rivers; therefore, there will be a high demand of resettlement houses for residents. The district needs 1,223 resettlement apartments.
The municipal People’s Committee has given the green light to district 4’s petition for building two resettlement housing projects and social housing projects but the district has not embarked the projects because of some hiccups along the way.
District 4 People’s Committee also called for investment in some projects of evacuating slumps in canals as per the form of PPP (Public-private partnership) yet no investor has shown their interest to the project for three years; accordingly, the district asked for permission to spend its state budget on these projects instead of waiting for PPP investors.
Mr. Tuyen ordered the district to improve achievement in 2019 including administrative reform to facilitate residents and entrepreneurs' operation.

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