HCMC determined to curb rampant construction infringements

At a meeting presided by Deputy chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen yesterday, participants discussed measures to curb rampant construction infringements.
Government removes an illegal constructed house (Photo: SGGP)
Government removes an illegal constructed house (Photo: SGGP)
At the meeting to review construction management in first seven months, two districts having houses illegally built are districts 9 and Cu Chi.
Deputy head of the district 9 People’s Committee Hoang Minh Tuan Anh said that since the beginning of the year, 63 cases broke construction rules, a year-on-year increase of 51 cases. Violations all are in large wards such as Long Phuoc, Long Truong, Truong Thanh.
A boom of immigrant laborers in the district drive the growth in housing demand. Land price fever is partly from immigrants who buy houses on private agreement, build houses on the zoning for planting trees leading to illegal construction rise.
In Cu Chi District, in first seven months, 209 construction infringements were reported, an increase of 139 cases compared to last year. In addition that immigrants build houses without permits, construction on individual housing in suspended planning areas is also illegal.
Deputy Chairman of the Cu Chi District People’s Committee Nguyen Viet Dung said that 144 violations of construction regulation surged in five communes which are zoned for Tay Bac urban areas and industrial zones.
Speaking at the meeting, Construction Chief Ly Thanh Long said that 1,925 illicit constructions were reported in the city. 686 cases were discovered breaking rules on construction designs in districts 7, 9 and Hoc Mon while 957 houses were built without permits in districts 9, Cu Chi and Can Gio.
Inspectors collected VND20.1 billion ($880,126) from administrative fines. Besides, five inspectors in localities were fired or received warning because they did not fulfill their duties.
Director of the municipal Department of Construction Tran Trong Tuan said that it and local authorities will be determined to give fines to violators, especially big construction project like Thao Dien Saphire in district 2 or break space design in permits.
Deputy Chairman Tran Vinh Tuyen said that to curb rampant construction infringement, government bureaucracy must be eliminated. Local administrations must have effective preventative measures even prosecution to those who take advantage of the legal loophole to get benefit in selling land to poor immigrants.
Mr. Tuyen noted that the Department of Construction should apply technology in management as well as submit the project of online permits to the People’s Committee for approval in August. Later , construction permits will be issued through internet or in paper.
In addition, district administrators must learn Binh Thanh District’s model of supervision of illegal construction which residents will take photo of illegal construction or sidewalk infringement to send to the local authority.
Mr. Tuyen also asked local authorities must take heeds to sidewalk order.

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