HCMC closely controls new Covid-19 cases

The Ministry of Health last night announced six more positive Covid-19 cases in Ho Chi Minh City, including two foreigners and three Vietnamese. 
Air passengers complete health declaration form. (Photo:Thanh Son)
Air passengers complete health declaration form. (Photo:Thanh Son)

These cases were reportedly undergoing isolation in advance of the positive testing so as to limit the spread of the epidemic. 

At the moment, Ho Chi Minh City had a total of 18 positive cases and eight suspected cases waiting for test result.  Besides that, around 7,495 cases have been sent to quarantine centers.

In order to limit the epidemical spread, the medical agencies joined hand with functional forces and local authorities to promptly apply anti-epidemic measures such as self-quarantine at home and isolation of infections and suspected cases.

Currently, the city ensures isolation process for people on entry. Every day, there are about 2,000 empty beds for people on entry at isolation areas; handles passenger congestion at the airport; urgently investigates, verifies the entire activities and itineraries of newly identified patients in District 2, District 4 and Binh Thanh; carries out isolation for the entire Muslim community in District 8 with around 700 people to closely monitor their health, prevent the spread of the pandemic in the community.

Concerning to the five newly Covid-19 cases, the HCMC Steering Committee for Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control issued an early forecast and directed the Department of Health and other relevant agencies to proactively take the initiative in plans of localizing, isolating and strictly controlling all of these new cases to limit the risk of spreading the disease to the community.

In the upcoming days, a huge number of Vietnamese abroad are expected to flock in Tan Son Nhat international airport. 

As this forecasted situation, the HCMC Steering Committee for Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control proposed that the city’s health sector to coordinate with other agencies about isolating people on entry and quickly moving them to the city-level isolated areas. 

In addition, the health agencies coordinated with other units to expand the quarantine areas to ensure enough place for isolated people as well as hygienic condition in isolated areas to avoid cross infection. 

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