Great poet Nguyen Du’s memorial site recognized as provincial tourist attraction

The special national relic site to commemorate great poet Nguyen Du has been recognized as a provincial tourist attraction, the Office of the People's Committee of Ha Tinh Province announced on July 5.

The special national relic site for great poet Nguyen Du in Nghi Xuan District, Ha Tinh Province

The special national relic site memorializing poet Nguyen Du is located in a complex of relics of the Nguyen family in Tien Dien Town, Nghi Xuan District, in the North Central province of Ha Tinh province with a total area of around 28,562 square meters.

The memorial site is one of the cultural and historical tourist destinations that attracts many domestic and international tourists, researchers, and students to come to learn about the life and career of Nguyen Du and pay tribute to the great poet for his great contribution to Vietnamese literature and human cultural development.

Nguyen Du, also known as To Nhu and Thanh Hien, was born in 1765 to a noble family in Thang Long (Hanoi).

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) chose the great Vietnamese poet Nguyen Du among other world-famous personalities at its 37th General Assembly in Paris in 2013. He was also recognized by the World Peace Council as one of the world’s cultural celebrities in 1965.

Poet Nguyen Du has been recognized by UNESCO for his Truyen Kieu (Tale of Kieu), a masterpiece of Vietnamese classic epic poetry.

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