German technology enterprise invests in US$100-million factory in Binh Dinh

A German technology corporation decided to invest in a factory producing high-tech thin films with an investment of up to US$100 million in the South Central Coast province of Binh Dinh.
Binh Dinh Province and the German Leonhard Kurz Group sign a memorandum of understanding. (Photo: SGGP)
Binh Dinh Province and the German Leonhard Kurz Group sign a memorandum of understanding. (Photo: SGGP)
On December 22, Mr. Nguyen Phi Long, Chairman of the People's Committee of Binh Dinh Province said that the province and the German Leonhard Kurz Group had signed a memorandum of understanding to promote the development of the industrial industry in the province, following the direction of high technology, modernity, and environmental friendliness.

Accordingly, the two sides agreed on the high-tech thin-film factory project, on an area of 10 hectares, with an investment of $100 million in Binh Dinh Province. At first, the project will implement phase 1 with an investment capital of $30 million - $40 million.

The decision of the Leonhard Kurz Group to invest in Binh Dinh Province has opened up great opportunities for the province to attract investors from the EU and its member countries, including the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as create opportunities for Binh Dinh Province and Vietnam to receive high technologies of the EU, said Mr. Nguyen Phi Long.

Mr. Nguyen Phi Long emphasized that the provincial People's Committee would consider Leonhard Kurz Group as the number-one partner and create the best conditions for the investor to deploy the project in 2021.

According to Mr. Andreas Hirschfelder, Vice President of Leonhard Kurz, the group targets to expand investment in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. From 2018 up to now, this group has come to conduct investment surveys in many places in Vietnam.

Visiting Binh Dinh Province, Leonhard Kurz had had a lot of time to survey and learn carefully before deciding to invest.

"We commit to lay a solid foundation for long-term investment in Binh Dinh," Mr. Andreas Hirschfelder emphasized.

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