Flights to, from Thanh Hoa Province canceled due to bad weather

Multiple flights to and fro Tho Xuan Airport in Thanh Hoa Province have their schedules adjusted owing to adverse weather and heavy fog.

Accordingly, Vietnam Airlines must cancel the flights No.VN1272, VN1273, VN1276, VN1277 on February 7 from HCMC to Thanh Hoa Province and the flights No.VN1630, VN1631 on the same day from Buon Ma Thuot City to the province.

Similarly, Vietjet Airlines informed a temporary halt of the flights No. VJ476/477 from Can Tho City – Thanh Hoa Province. Its 10 other flights No.VJ038, VJ040, VJ042, VJ242, VJ244, VJ246, VJ248, VJ250, VJ252, VJ256 had to land in Noi Bai International Airport. Meanwhile, 10 flights No. VJ241, VJ243, VJ243A, VJ247, VJ249, VJ251, VJ251A, VJ253, VJ257, VJ257A from Thanh Hoa Province – HCMC had to have their schedules adjusted to Hanoi – HCMC.

All passengers in the above flights were supported to travel from Thanh Hoa Province to Hanoi by road. Other flights affected by this schedule change have their passengers supported in accordance with the service policy.

It is forecast that the adverse weather continues to affect flights in the North-Central and Northern region, especially Thanh Hoa Province and Vinh City.

Flight schedule changes are frequently updated on formal websites and Fanpage of airlines. Related passengers also receive a notification email or SMS.

In related news, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam yesterday informed of certain cases where domestic flight travellers bought tickets at a higher price than regulated ones, especially during Tet holiday. It advised that people should be cautious when buying air tickets via agencies.

When detecting a case of overpriced airline tickets, citizens can call the hotline 0916562119 of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam to report, and it will be handled in a timely manner.

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