Companies in dire need of unskilled workers

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, a mass exodus of migrant workers who once made a living in Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s Covid-19 epicenter in the fourth wave, are returning to their home provinces in desperation resulting in a serious shortage of workers. Many businesses in the southern provinces of Binh Duong and Dong Nai have been thirsty for laborers after the Lunar New Year holiday in 2022, they have been applying many ways to retain employees to ensure continued production.
Companies in dire need of unskilled workers ảnh 1 Companies  in Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces are thirsty for unskilled workers
At the beginning of 2022, when the epidemic was under control, hundreds of businesses in Binh Duong Province used job postings on company and external websites to reach potential applicants.
Nguyen Van Linh, an employee of the human resources department of an enterprise in Song Than Industrial Park in Di An City in Binh Duong Province, said the company has seen a shortage of laborers at all departments because the company has stopped operation for many months for the pandemic prevention and control; plus, many workers have returned to their hometown from mid-2021 until now.
Currently, the company has both implemented anti-epidemic measures and recruited new workers to ensure production and business.
Maxim Vietnam Labels and Packaging Company in VSIP Industrial Park in Binh Duong Province's Thuan An City is being thirsty for laborers due to the need to expand production and increase output. Currently, the company needs to employ 200 more workers, so it has posted recruitment notices at the factory gate, on the website of the Binh Duong Employment Service Center, and even major roads into industrial zones and clusters to attract workers' eyes.
Before that, as soon as Binh Duong Province implemented measures to gradually adapt to the new normal and carry out dual duties including monitoring the epidemic and boosting production, dozens of businesses have sent their job referrals to the local administrations and related agencies asking for support of recruiting workers. The Labor Confederation of Binh Duong Province has sought for assistance of labor unions in neighboring provinces to post recruitment advertisements for companies.
In order to retain senior and train employees in each position, many businesses in Binh Duong Province have proposed appealing benefits and special policies. For instance, Hoang Thong Wood Company in Di An City pays an average 6 percent-10 percent raise to workers according to wage policy in 2022. Moreover, the company also spends over VND2 billion on recruitment costs.
In addition, the company has also cooperated with functional sectors in many localities in the North and Central to recruit employees. It even offered free shuttle buses, air tickets, and reasonable accommodations for employees. Hison Vina Company in Binh Duong Industrial Par in Di An City also applied many policies to attract workers.
As per the company’s new policies, recruits will receive a minimum salary of VND7 million to VND8 million a person monthly. In addition, a new employee and senior workers who introduced recruits for the company will receive VND1 million each and support of accommodation expenses…
According to Mr. Pham Van Tuyen, Deputy Director of the province’s Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, in order to attract and retain employees, businesses need to well implement policies on salary, bonuses, and welfare regimes in accordance with the present regulations.
The Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Dong Nai Province said that after the Lunar New Year in 2022, many enterprises in the province need to expand production, so they have posted job advertisements. In 2022, it is forecast that enterprises will need more than 130,000 employees as in the first two months of the year alone, 191 enterprises expressed to hire more than 23,000 people.
However, there has been a labor scarcity for unskilled labor currently. For example, the Bau Xeo Industrial Park in the Southern Province of Dong Nai’s Trang Bom District needs to recruit nearly 6,000 workers to keep up with the orders of businesses that have signed with partners. However, businesses are facing difficulties in hiring unskilled workers although they have offered good policies.

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