Cat Lai Port resumes rice export activities at Berth 125

Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien, Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of the Vietnam Food Association (VFA), on the afternoon of August 15, informed that Berth 125 of Cat Lai Port (HCMC) would resume operations from August 16 to connect the export activities for rice exporting enterprises in the South.
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More than a month ago, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cat Lai Port had to suspend rice stuffing service at Berth 125 to comply with the requirements of isolation and pandemic prevention.

At first, Berth 125 will only reopen with a capacity of about 70 containers per day. On average, each container contains about 25 tons of rice, so there will only be about 1,750 tons of rice packed in containers for export each day. Compared to the rice export demand of enterprises, this capacity level is too small. However, it also contributes to solving difficulties for enterprises in the context of social distancing, lockdown, and cargo congestion. The reopening of Berth 125 also opens up a positive signal for the rice backlog in the Mekong Delta.

According to the Vietnam Logistics Business Association, to reduce packing time and congestion at the port, rice exporters should strengthen rice packing activities at warehouses instead of transporting rice for stuffing service at Berth 125.

Earlier, Saigon Newport Corporation informed that it would temporarily stop receiving import and export goods at Tan Cang Cat Lai Port in Thu Duc City in HCMC as the number of containers jammed at the port had reached 100 percent of its capacity, while the direct staff had been reduced by half.

This fact forced Cat Lai Port to temporarily stop receiving imported goods for enterprises and customers who are suspending production and encourage vessels entering the port to receive exported goods only. Items that occupy a large yard capacity, such as extra-long, extra-heavy, oversized, and overloaded cargoes, were also subject to a temporary suspension of receipt as of August 5. Refrigerated goods transshipment was temporarily halted until the end of August 16.

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