Companies face apparent laborer shortage

Currently, a lot of enterprises in the Southern Province of Binh Duong which are facing apparent worker shortage need to recruit hundred to thousands of workers, but hiring in a pandemic is not always as easy as it looks. Human resource staffs of many companies stand in front of the gate to invite workers to work for urgent orders.

A 35 years old employee of HR department of a company in Dong An Industrial Park said that the company lacks more than 2,000 workers. If in the past, the recruitment was not easy, with strict requirements on qualifications and health whereas the company recruits those who are healthy without criminal record.
Additionally, company leaders proposed to offer a bonus of VND1 million encourage to workers who introduce their relatives to work in the company. New laborers will be supported travel expenses, accommodation, generous bonuses such as 13th month salary.
The situation is similar in Song Than Industrial Park in Di An City. In front of the gate of some companies, many laborers gathered to discuss and compare the salary, bonus, and nature of the job. A 37 years old woman from the Central Province of Nghe An said that she has applied to five companies but has not decided where to work because her basic salary is VND4 million (US$173.6 ) per month. Her total monthly salary including overtime payment is around VND 8 million not enough to cover family expenses and school fees for the children.
Meanwhile, a 48 years old man living in Tan Binh ward in Di An city wants to find a job with an income of more than VND10 million per month and close to his house as he has to pick up his children. He shared: “Previously, I worked as a worker in a textile and garment company with the salary of more than VND 10 million a month; however, because of the coronavirus pandemic, he was suspended from the company. I turned to work as a marble assistant, earning nearly VND15 million a month but the job is dangerous of exposure to dust at work”. Therefore, he wants to change jobs more stably and have enough income to support his family.
According to the Labor Confederation of Binh Duong province, businesses are currently recruiting more than 100,000 employees; mostly in the fields of wood, furniture, apparel, footwear. For instance, Yazaky Company (Di An City) needs to recruit 2,000 workers; Phu Dinh Furniture Company Limited in Dau Tieng District needs to recruit more than 500 people; Chi Hung Company recruits 1,000 people ...
The group of enterprises that are strongly affected by the labor shortage after the Tet holiday and the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic are wood production, garment, leather shoes . Typically in the processing and manufacturing of wooden furniture for export in Binh Duong, labor is in serious shortage.
The number of orders increased strongly. In 2020, orders have been up 15 percent compared to the plan, the first months of 2021 tend to increase due to the electronic transactions, while companies are bumping apparent worker shortage.
In the context of labor shortages and recruitment difficulties, some businesses have turned to long-term investments by buying automated manufacturing robots, such as Shyang Hung Chen, which specializes in manufacturing adidas shoes.
Ms. Nguyen Kim Loan, Chairman of the Labor Confederation of Binh Duong province, said that businesses in the province have been facing shortage of workers. Currently, many workers returning to their hometown to have stable jobs with more favorable conditions because they do not have to spend money to rent accommodation, travel; hence, it is difficult to recruit workers to work in Binh Duong.

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