Bao Loc City inundated after whole-night torrential rain

Many places have been submerged in water after torrential downpours swept across Bao Loc City, the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong this morning.

From last night throughout this morning, rainfall in the city exceeded 100 mm triggering serious flooding in many communes including Dai Lao, Loc Chau and a part of Loc Tien Ward.

Armed forces and young people were mobilized to evacuate residents and help them move their properties to safe places.

As of this morning, the Hydro-meteorology Forecasting Station of Lam Dong Province issued warnings of flash floods, landslides and land subsidence owing to downpour-triggered flooding across Bao Loc City, especially in the districts of Loc Son, Bao Lam, Da Huoai and Da Teh.

There are some photos featuring serious flooding in the city of Bao Loc after the whole-night downpour:

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