Vietnamese women’s football team awarded over US$354,000

Vietnamese women’s football team has been awarded remarkably with a total amount of over VND8 billion (US$354,000)  counted by the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) with the achievement of qualifying for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup for the first time.
After the match with Chinese Taipei, Acting President of VFF Tran Quoc Tuan made a phone call to congratulate the victory of the Vietnamese women’s football team. It is considered as a historic milestone as the women’s football team for the first time won the ticket to attend the Women’s World Cup finals.

Acting President of VFF Tran Quoc Tuan expressed that he was very touched by the Vietnamese women’s football team’s achievement. The women footballers had struggled with obstacles and difficulties from the beginning of the tournament due to the Covid-19 pandemic but the team soon grasped the opportunities and satisfactorily actualized the highest target.

The total amount of rewards for the Vietnamese women’s football team has so far reached over VND8 billion (US$354,000).

Accordingly, the team has received VND600 million (nearly US$27,000) from the two confronts with the Republic of Korea (RoK) and Japan, VND600 million (nearly US$27,000) from the drawn match with Myanmar, VND300 million (US$13,000) from the match with China, VND1 billion (US$44,000) from the defeat match against Thailand and VND3 billion (US$133,000) from the victory in the play-off against Chinese Taipei on Sunday. Apart from the award source of the Vietnam Football Federation, a group announced to award the team VND3 billion (US$133,000) .

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