Vietnamese travel firms cancelled, suspended status for Japan visa application

The Japanese Embassy in Vietnam recently announced a list of seven Vietnamese travel companies that have been cancelled and suspended the representative status to apply for visas for Vietnamese group tours to Japan.
Vietnamese travel firms cancelled, suspended status for Japan visa application
Particularly, the announcement posted in the website of the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam stated that earlier, the Japanese Embassy allowed some travel companies (which meet some certain standards, have had registered before and are on the list of the embassy) to represent their tourists who join tours organized by those companies to apply for group tour visas.
However, as of July 1, 2019, the embassy will eliminate the status of following seven travel companies for seriously violating their commitments with the Japanese Embassy.
1. Viet Tourist Trade And Investment Joint Stock Company (Viettourin JSC)
2. Viet Nam Golden Team International Travel Joint Stock Company
3. Nam Cuong Tourism Co. Ltd
4. New Royal Commercial and Services Company Limited
5. International Golden Bridge Company Limited
6. Victoria Investment Trade and Tourism Corporation Co., Ltd
7. Hanoi Entertainment Services Corporation
In addition, Vietnam Travel and Marketing Transports Joint Stock Company Hanoi Branch – Vietravel Hanoi has been suspended for a period of six months from July 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.
In the announcement, the embassy did not state clearly the reasons that cause those aforesaid travel companies to be cancelled or suspended for limited period but only said that ‘for violating seriously the convention committed with the Japanese Embassy’.
The policy to allow travel agencies to represent their tourists to apply for visas was promulgated by the Japanese government to create favorable conditions in attracting Vietnamese tourists to Japan. Travel agencies that are given this status must meet certain standards of Japan.
Japan currently is one of the destinations that attract a large number of Vietnamese tourists. The number of Vietnamese tourists to Japan last year was more than 389,000 people, 1.25 times higher than that in 2017. The number of Vietnamese tourists to Japan is expected to increase in the future as the tendency to study and work in the world’s third largest economy is increasing while personal income is also higher day by day.

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