Vietnamese publisher releases internationally-famous books

After making an effort to purchase copyright, the Youth Publishing House released a series of books for children along with the National Geographic Kids’ scientific book series.
These books with good content and design not only bring vivid knowledge to children helping them to learn more about the world around them but also are a way to nurture reading habits for families.
Vietnamese publisher releases internationally-famous books ảnh 1
The Youth Publishing House has translated books into Vietnamese. For the first time in Vietnam, five volumes of the National Geographic Kids scientific books including Human Body; What Would Happen?; Explorer Academy; Do not read at midnight have been released.
The books with coherent presentation of scientific information, accurate and interesting illustrations are very interesting ensuring that readers will not miss any knowledge. Along with that are the images beyond small readers’ understanding. After reading, small readers will build up a useful mind map by themselves, with outstanding scientific knowledge retention.
Another set of scientific books including eight books to be released on this occasion is My Science Castle. The eight books are about animals to plants such as how eggs hatch into chicks; Why do whales migrate; Why does the seed sprout in the spring; How tadpoles turn frogs; How do our bodies work; Is black bear dangerous; How do caterpillars turn butterflies.
The book series is the first adventure in natural history sharing with readers the amazing world of science with its up-to-date knowledge, eliciting curiosity, curiosity and desire to explore for each child. The stories are attractive from beginning to end, clarifying all questions of children. The book 'How our bodies work' will answer them: How do we smell and taste food? How do we hear and look? Why do we have teeth? What is the skeleton for? Why do we have muscle? Why do we have skin? How does the brain work?
The book sets including Horrible Histories, Horrible Science, Horrible Geography, The Knowledge has published more than 40 titles and more books will be released as predicted. They are designed to get children interested in science by concentrating on the trivial, unusual, gory, or unpleasant.
Most small readers are excited about science after reading these series of books such as Horrible Science, Horrible Geography, and Horrible Geography.
Parents can’t miss books of Om Books publisher such as Wait for Your Turn, Never Give Up, I am not scared, Let’s Shake Hand, Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?

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