Veteran musician Hong Dang passes away

Musician Hong Dang who is well-known for the famous song about Hanoi, Hoa Sua (Milkwood Pine Flower) passed away at 86 in Hanoi on the early morning of March 21.
Veteran musician Hong Dang passes away ảnh 1 Veteran musician Hong Dang
Musician Hong Dang has more than 700 musical works in various categories of song, chorus, theatrical music, film soundtrack, instrumental music and more. His compositions were used in over 70 movies, such as Hoa Sua (Milk flower) in the film titled “Hanoi, Mua Chim Lam To” (Hanoi’s bird nesting season), Lenh denh (Floating through life) in the movie “Doi Hat Rong” (The troubadour’s life), Bien va Co Gai Toi Chua Quen (Sea and the girl who I have not met yet) in the picture “Nhung Ngoi Sao Nho (Small stars), Khong Gian Xanh (The green space) in the film Vung Troi (The sky) and others.
The veteran artist started composing music in the early 1950s and participated in the first music composition class of the Vietnam National Academy of Music. He wrote many popular songs and works of instrumental music.
Musician Hong Dang was born in 1936 in Nghe An Province. He held many positions such as Deputy General Secretary of the Vietnam Musicians' Association, Editor-in-Chief of Music and Music World Magazine. He was the first musician to be admitted to the Vietnam Cinema Association. He was also a member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam – Japan Cultural Exchange Association, National Committee of the Decade of International Cultural Development.
Musician Hong Dang received Grand Prize of the annual Bui Xuan Phai - For the Love of Hanoi Awards in 2021.
He was one of the people who initiated the Nua The Ky Am Nhac Viet Nam (A half century of Vietnamese music) program and was honored in the Con Duong Am Nhac (The way of music) program in 2000.

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