Traffic police in HCMC to ensure traffic order, safety during national holiday

The Ho Chi Minh City Road and Railway Traffic Police Department (PC08) under the municipal Public Security Department said that the unit has just performed the mobilization and deployment of adequate police forces to ensure traffic order and safety and create smooth travel for people during the National Day (September 2) holiday.
In order to ensure traffic safety before, during and after the National Day (September 2) holiday, the traffic police forces of Ho Chi Minh City in general and subdivisions under the PC08 in particular will simultaneously deploy forces on roads starting at 3 p.m. on August 31 to assist people to travel safely and smoothly.

According to the PC08, its units will strengthen patrol teams to timely discover and strictly handle the acts of violation, notably the alcohol concentration of drivers, speeding, overloaded and oversized vehicles and cases of disobeying traffic signals or lights.

Besides, staff are arranged to regularly observe the camera system installed on the roads and receive information from quick reaction teams on Viber. 

Before and after the holiday, vehicle volume will be likely to increase on national highways and gateway areas to the city. For the reason, the PC08 directed relevant units to proactively strengthen the arrangement of traffic regulation forces to avoid congestion. 

The PC08 also recommended traffic participants during the holidays to raise the sense of self-discipline to comply with the traffic regulations, especially never driving on the road after drinking alcohol. 

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