Thu Duc City planning must be consistent with development strategy of HCMC

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Architecture and Thu Duc City People's Committee, on the afternoon of October 21, held a workshop to contribute ideas on the Thu Duc City Master Plan until 2040, with the participation of many domestic and foreign experts from the Netherlands and the World Bank, as well as online participation of delegates in the US, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Vo Van Hoan, Vice Chairman of the HCMC People's Committee, emphasized that the planning of Thu Duc City must be consistent with the development strategy of HCMC. The conference is an opportunity to recognize the expert opinions to complete the project from many angles, such as urban planning, culture, society, environment, traffic, investment, and construction.

In the process of discussion and comment, it is necessary to focus on three main contents: Showing the suitability for the socio-economic development strategy and the general planning of HCMC that has been implemented; having the inheritance and development orientation of HCMC; pointing out the feasibility of the project, adhering to the reality, creating value, improving the quality of life for people, and creating a good investment environment for businesses. The Department of Planning and Architecture of HCMC and the People's Committee of Thu Duc City need to fully listen to expert opinions to supplement the project to submit it to the People's Committee of HCMC by November 2022, and by December 2022, the People's Committee of HCMC will submit to the Ministry of Construction and the Government for consideration and approval.

At the workshop, the representative of Surbana Group commented on the transit-oriented development (TOD) solutions in traffic planning. The World Bank commented on the solutions to the planning to develop the National Cultural History Park and proposed methods to promote a creative city.

On September 16, 2021, the Government issued Decision No.1538/QD-CP on the approval of the general planning tasks of Thu Duc City in HCMC until 2040 with specific orientations on population size (there will be 1.5 million people by 2030 and 3 million people by 2040), and land scale for urban development (using 18,830ha by 2030 and 19,994ha out of 21,156ha of the land area of the whole city by 2040).