Thu Duc City innovating activities of formal social networking sites

Thu Duc City has recently held a meeting to summarize the results of 5 years adopting Resolution 35 by the Politburo and 3 years doing Project 5 of the HCMC Party’s Committee.

Resolution No.35 is about increasing the protection of the Party's ideological foundation and fighting against wrong or hostile viewpoints in the new context. Project 5 by the Standing Committee of the HCMC Party’s Committee (term X) is about spreading and propagandizing positive information while combating wrong or hostile ideas on the Internet, especially on social networking sites, in HCMC.

At present, Thu Duc City has 273 official social sites at both city and grassroots levels. In the last 5 years, these formal sites have posted and shared nearly 1.3 million useful articles, news pieces, video clips. They have attracted 116 million interactions. This timely distribution of official information has greatly contributed to shaping public opinions, ensuring political security as well as social safety and order.

In the meeting, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Thu Duc City Party’s Committee Nguyen Phuoc Hung asked that the local authorities continue to improve the performance of activities on formal social networking sites of the political system at all levels.

The Steering Committee for the implementation of Resolution 35 at all levels must closely cooperate with other functional agencies to actively monitor, detect, and handle anyone posting distorted or false information on social networking sites.

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