Thu Duc City asks all businesses with F0 to cease their operation

The People’s Committee of Thu Duc City (in Ho Chi Minh City) yesterday released a formal document to all enterprises here regarding their operation during the time applying Directive 16 of the Prime Minister about Covid-19 prevention and control.

Many businesses in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone have to stop their operation

Accordingly, as the latest Covid-19 outbreak is becoming more complicated, Thu Duc City People’s Committee requests that all businesses that have an F0 must temporarily stop their operation until functional agencies approve their reopening after checking their Covid-19 prevention methods as regulated in Decision No.2787/QD - BYT by the Health Ministry.

Any enterprises following the ‘on-site working and staying’ plan are allowed to continue their operation, but must make sure that their employees will not go out of the site except in emergency cases.

Companies working during the period applying Directive 16 must urgently implement the ‘3 on-site rules’ (working on site, eating on site, and staying on site) to ensure their medical safety. They can use the space inside their factories or rent a temporary accommodation like a dormitory, hotel outside their premises.

From 12am July 15, operating companies must use common vehicles to transport their workers to and fro these temporary accommodations, forbidding private vehicles in and out their premises.

At medical lockdown areas, vehicles are allowed to go in and out for carrying materials and products from 10pm to 5am the next day. Vehicle drivers into these areas must display a valid negative-Covid-19 test result, declare their health status, and update their traveling into the traffic flow diary. These vehicles must be listed and submitted to the People’s Committee of the ward they want to travel to in order to issue a certified sign.

Until July 13, 110 businesses in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, sited in District 7, stop their operation. Right now, only 11,000 / 70,000 employees are still at work in 140 companies, 25 of which have registered for their staff to follow the ‘on-site working and staying’ plan.

HCMC Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority (HEPZA) also released a document asking that from 12am July 13, in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, only businesses applying the ‘on-site working and staying’ plan are allowed to work as usual.

They must implement the ‘3 on-site rules’ as soon as possible for the medical safety sake and organize pick-up service for all their workers to eliminate private vehicle using of their staff.

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