The legal aspect of the school cases of violence

Repeated cases of school violence which occurred in recent days that the school girls were beat, undressed,  filmed and distributed on the internet have raised alarm and concern in society…On this occasion, SGGP reporter has talked with Lawyer Phan Duc Linh about the legal aspect of the issue.

Q: How about the legal measures against the case a group of students beat, take off clothes of a class-mate and take video clips and distribute on the internet …?


School violence has been existing for a long time, recently the number of cases and the seriousness of the cases have sharply increased. A group of female students beat another student in a class with the participation of many other students. The problem was that even the class monitor was also involved in the fight and the school did not know about the case until the clips of the fight were posted on Internet. This betrayed the trend of internet of the youth today….causing the concern of schools, families and society.

Judging from the legal aspect of the issue, these activities ( violent behaviors against a class-mate  ) should be prosecuted according to Item 104 and the distribution of video clips violating Item 121 of the Criminal Law Code.


However, the subjects taking part in the violent behaviors are under 18 years old. They are regarded as premature youths and their activities are not deliberately aimed to severely harm reputation and humanity of the class-mates. Because of that, schools should apply comprehensive measures in an effort to stop school violence. Local authorities, organizations, students and students’ families need to cooperate with each other to stop the evil.

Q: How about the  trend of “taking off shirts and filming” at the school and how the law deal with that case?  


The serious thing is that students do not think they behaviors are very bad.  Students are not aware the consequences of their behaviors. They still have not realized the danger of their behaviors. The taking off shirts and filming, distributing the clips on Internet can be prosecuted. Tthings must be looked in a comprehensive way, from the subjective consciousness and the intention of the distributors so that the investigation organs can have adequate proves to decide whether to take criminal proceedings of the case or not.


Recently, Deputy Minister of Education and Training (MOET) Tran Quang Quy said MOET has been applying comprehensive measures in an effort to stop school violence. Schools must criticize the fighting and impose heavy fines on violent behaviors. They have also been told to tightly control the learning time of students at schools and apply drastic measures to prevent students from giving up lessons. Schools have to renovate the method of teaching citizen morality to students. The lessons about morality need to become more lively and attractive, so as to help strengthen the education of morality and life skills to students.Teachers need to take more care of students, provide analyses on the bad consequences of school violence, and regularly give advice to students on their problems. Educators have especially realized that a close cooperation between schools and relevant agencies, especially the police, is very important in preventing school violence. With a lot of measures put forward and implemented, educators once felt secure that the school violence will be restrained. However, in reality, more and more school violence cases have still been occurring, which has sparked doubts about the effectiveness of the measures applied by the educators.

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