Serious landslide occurs on O Quy Ho mountain pass after torrential rain

A torrential rain-induced landslide triggering soil, rock and trees downslope on the surface of asphalt roads caused severe traffic congestion on O Quy Ho mountain pass, a section of the National Highway 4D connecting Sa Pa tourist destination with Lai Chau Province this morning. 
As of this early morning, Lao Cai Province and some places of the southwestern mountainous region were suffering from incessant downpours and floods. 

Lao Cai City was submerged after the torrential rain.  All vehicles were stranded at the section leading to Lai Chau Province and forced to move back to Lao Cai City due to water over the roads from overflowing creeks and streams caused by heavy rainfall.

The National Center for Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting informed that the current rain and flood situation across the Northern mountainous region was due to a range of upper-air wind convergence at 1,500 meters above the land surface.

From last night to this morning, the Northern mountainous region experienced heavy rainfall of up to 230 mm. 

It is expected that the thundery downpours would last in the next several days. 

Some photos featuring the serious landslide on O Quy Ho mountain pass after torrential, incessant rain:

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