Ring of illegal exit to China uncovered, three subjects prosecuted

On April 8, the Lao Cai International Border Guard Station informed that it had just coordinated with units of the provincial border guard to successfully bust a ring bringing people illegally from Vietnam to China, at the same time prosecuted three related subjects.

Specifically, Di Hoi Seng, 29, Thu Lao ethnic, a resident of Chung Chai B Hamlet; Ly Seo Phin, 29, Hmong ethnic, a resident of Choan Van Hamlet; and Po Chai Thang, 28, Pa Di ethnic, a resident of Chung Chai B Hamlet were prosecuted for organizing illegal exit for others in the area of De Chua Thang Hamlet in Muong Khuong Town in Muong Khuong District of Lao Cai Province.

Due to their avariciousness, despite the pandemic, these subjects had organized to help 19 people to cross the forest to illegally cross the border into China to work as hired labor. After successfully bringing those people into China, these subjects shared 2,500 Chinese yuan each (VND8.5 million).

When the above subjects had just entered the other side of the border, they were arrested by the Chinese border guards.

At the investigative agency, Di Hoi Seng confessed that from September last year to now, he had colluded with Chinese subjects to organize illegal exit through the border many times.

These subjects used Zalo, Facebook, and WeChat, and took advantage of the night and dangerous border sections that are difficult to detect to avoid authorities.

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