Renewable energy should be developed to tackle power shortage: Deputy Minister

In a talk with Sai Gon Giai Phong reporter, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang Quoc Vuong about intensification of power plant projects and prevention of power outage, Mr. Vuong said more incentives for solar power projects should be given especially in the South to reduce power outage pressure.
A wind energy project in Ninh Thuan Province (Photo: H.H )
A wind energy project in Ninh Thuan Province (Photo: H.H )
He suggested approving submitted solar power projects so that investors can complete as per planning. Moreover, there should have policies to support renewable energy projects like sunshine and wind. Only competent investors are chosen.
For long-term plan, the government should build appropriate electricity price to attract investors especially local ones.
For years, the Power Corporation under Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has ensured electricity supply for the socioeconomic development and for people’s daily activities. However, as per calculation, Vietnam will lack at least 235 billion kWh by 2020.
Worse, despite mobilization of all power sources, the South Vietnam will still face power shortage from 3.7 billion kWh in 2021 to nearly 10 billion kWh by 2022 and 12 billion kWh by 2023 due to sluggish power plant projects, Mr. Vuong said.
According to him, sustainable solutions for the energy is to save power in daily use and in production.

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