Prolonged rains hit north

Prolonged heavy rains and thunderstorms hit the northern region on September 2, said the National Center for Hydro Meteorological Forecasting.
Prolonged rains hit north

The rainfall was expected to reach at 30-60mm and several parts of northern provinces including Muong Te (Lai Chau) at 92mm, Sin Ho (Lai Chau) 84mm, Bac Quang (Ha Giang) at 133mm, Co To (Quang Ninh) 140mm…

The center warned tonight and tomorrow, the northern region will continue suffering heavy rains, scattered thunderstorms.

Rains on a large scale will also hit the north western and the Viet Bac region.

In the next 6 hours, flash floods and landslides would occur in Lai Chau province, focusing on Muong Te, Sin Ho and Muong Nhe districts.