Pop star My Tam to hold concert in Seoul

First solo concert of Vietnamese pop star My Tam will be held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul in the Republic of Korea on September 15.
Pop star My Tam to hold concert in Seoul

My Tam will be the first Southeast Asian artist who hold concert in Jangchung Arena in central Seoul. The stadium has been selected to organize concerts by many Korean stars, such as Seungri of Bigbang, Yoonmirae, Air Pink, and Kim Jung Soo and is the filming location for big music events of RoK’s leading television stations, KBS, MBC, SBS.

In order to host a show at Jangchung, artists must meet strict criteria for finance and regional powerful influence.

My Tam’s first concert will take place at 16:00 and 20:00 and is expected to attract around 8,000 audiences.

The music star will participate in a cultural festival celebrating the 73rd anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day on September 2 at Kwang HwaMun Square and perform at the World Bellydance event at the Art Centre on September 14.

She will be also the first and only Vietnamese artist to perform at the DMC Festival which will take place at the headquarter of SangAm MBC on September 9, featuring top artists from both Korea and other Asian countries. The annual festival is held every year by MBC at Sangam Culture Square, Seoul.

The singer’s new album titled “Tam 9” has been ranked the 10th in the World Albums category of Billboard, making My Tam to be the first Vietnamese singer who gets music product in the international music chart. The album was sold 20,000 copies after two months from releasing. “Tam 9” climbed to the No.1 position of the top trending iTunes in Vietnam after few days of launching and ranked the 8th on the list of downloaded albums on Amazon. She is also the first Vietnamese singer to win the “Best-selling Artist” award, one of 25 given to artists from all over the world, at the World Music Awards in Monaco in 2014.

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                                    Jangchung Arena in central Seoul