PM requires no shortage of goods, strict handling of speculation

After the news of fresh case of Covid-19 was detected in Hanoi, residents flocked to supermarkets and stores to stock up on food supplies, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc required to supply enough food for all people.
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc
According to Vietnamese Prime Minister’s direction, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Hanoi People’s Committee must order foodstuff companies to supply commodities to supermarkets and stores in Hanoi to ensure enough goods for all residents in Hanoi and strictly handle hoarders as per the present regulations.
The Northern Food Corporation, DABACO Corporation and the Vietnam Livestock Company were asked to provide rice and foodstuff to retail stores in Hanoi which will open to 11 PM to serve buyers.
Information of some new case of Covid-19 in Hanoi on March 6 and 7 sparked panic-buying of essentials in some shops across the capital city. Traders increased price of pork to VND300,000- VND400,000 per kilogram (US$12.9 - $17.2 a kilogram).
Speaking at a conference organized by the Hanoi steering board for Covid-19 prevention on March 7, Hanoi Party Chief Vuong Dinh Hue proposed state competent agencies to carry out preventive measures against the epidemic following the National Steering Board for Covid-19 prevention and the Party Committee in Hanoi including canceling all activities, festivals and unnecessary meetings which gather so many people for the battle against Covid-19.
He worried about the high possibilities of disease spread because shoppers long queued in supermarkets. He advised people not to worry too much and inform their health condition to local medical clinics and administration.
He also ensured that the city authority will provide enough food for all resident; therefore, people need not to stock their food.

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