Passengers must wear facemasks at airports

The Airports Corporation of Vietnam required domestic airports to notify foreign carriers with their flights to Vietnam on the requirement of wearing protective facemasks for passengers when entering the country due to spread of Covid- 19.
 Passengers must wear facemasks at airports (Photo: VTC News)
Passengers must wear facemasks at airports (Photo: VTC News)

As noted, most of domestic passengers have consciously worn protective facemasks to prevent epidemiologic situation at the airports, however, many international passengers still do not wear the facemask as recommended.

Pursuant to the latest instruction of the Ministry of Transport under a notice of the Prime Minister, the requirement will be strictly applied at airports, wharves, railway stations, bus stops, supermarkets and transport means from March 16.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Health join hand in the production and supply of high- quality facemasks to meet the needs of people.

The airports are responsible for coordination with other carriers to inform passengers about wearing protective facemasks, providing free medical facemasks for passengers.

It is necessary to broadcast radio news to remind passengers of wearing facemasks and install instruction and recommendation boards at airports’ terminals about wearing facemasks.

For airports with international routes, airport directors need to notify foreign airlines with their passenger flights to Vietnam on the recommendation in advance entering Vietnam. 

The airports are also required to prohibit officials and staffs from contacting with passengers and aircraft parking areas excepting for their professional activities.

If airport employees have symptoms of suspected infection, they must promptly report to relevant sides and obey isolation process according to the requirement of health agencies. 

Violations must be strictly handled in accordance with reprimand measures and salary reduction might be applied depending on the seriousness.

Requirement of wearing protective facemasks for passengers will be also applied at supermarkets

In the related news, Vietnam will officially suspend entrance for Schengen, the UK and North Ireland passengers from March 15. 

Under direction of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Health will not allow entrance for tourists, family visits, overseas students, personal activities of foreigners who came from or transited through Schengen area, the United of Kingdom and North Ireland.

Besides that, the functional agencies issued a decision about temporary suspension of granting visas at border gates. The temporary suspension is valid for 30 days from 00:00 am on March 16 except for people with diplomatic or official purposes.

Foreign experts, business managers and high-skilled employees must comply with step-by-step medical examination and epidemical prevention measures. 

Based on epidemiological situation in the United States, the local authorities of Vietnam would consider and issue decision on temporary suspension of granting visas for American arrivals. 

Vietnamese embassies in foreign countries recommend Vietnamese students overseas not to return home during the epidemical period, or would be isolated according to regulations in case of absolute necessary. 

Regarding road borders, the Prime Minister required the Ministry of  Defense, the Ministry of Public Security and relevant agencies for controlling and management of people entering Vietnam by air, road and maritime to strictly take notice of pathways through border gates, quarantine and medical declaration, effective prevention of Covid-19- hit- countries cases transiting into Laos and Cambodia before entering Vietnam. 

Besides that, it is necessary to pay more attention to promoting goods trade with other countries.