Northern region faces heavy rain, 4-5 casualties reported from thunderstorms

According to an updated report from the Standing Office of the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, three people were dead or missing due to thunderstorms.

Heavy rain in the Northern mountainous region raises river levels.

However, statistics from local authorities indicate that at least four people have been injured or are missing due to thunderstorms and lightning over the past two days. The North is forecasted to experience heavy rain over the next three days.

Information from the Standing Office of the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and local authorities on the morning of June 6 stated that heavy rain that occurred from the night of June 4 to June 5 in the North resulted in two deaths in Ha Giang Province and two people missing in Lao Cai Province.

The two missing in Lao Cai are L.T.N., 30, and her child from Village 1, Ban Vuoc Commune, Bat Xat District, who were swept away by flash floods while tending to the fish pond early in the morning on June 5.

Buffaloes are killed by lightning in Quang Binh District (Ha Giang) on ​​June 5.

The two fatalities in Ha Giang are T.X.T., 32, from Ngai Lau Sang Village, Quyet Tien Commune, Quan Ba District, who died from a lightning strike while plowing the field at night, and H.M.V., 14, from Ta Kha Village, Pho Bang Town, Dong Van District, who died when a large rock rolled into his house from the mountain.

According to the victim's family, early in the morning, while everyone was still asleep, a rock weighing over 3 tons rolled down from the mountain into their house, causing V.'s instant death and severely damaging 40 percent of the house.

The Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue of Ha Giang Province also reported that heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning had caused damage to crops, livestock, and poultry in Quang Binh and Quan Ba districts.

Additionally, in Hanoi, one person was injured by a lightning strike while picking vegetables on the morning of June 5 in Thanh Tri District and is currently receiving emergency treatment at the Agricultural General Hospital.

Hanoi continues to experience moderate to light rain on June 6.

As of this morning, June 6, Hanoi continues to experience moderate to light rain, but there is no longer any lightning like yesterday. The rain zone is moving down to the North Central region, including Thanh Hoa and Nghe An, due to a low-pressure trough in the North being pushed southward.

According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, last night, June 5, the Northern and North Central regions experienced scattered showers and thunderstorms, with some areas having heavy to torrential rain. As of early morning on June 6, several locations recorded significant rainfall amounts, such as Chieng Lao (Son La) at 83mm, Bac Son (Ninh Binh) at 89mm, and Sam Son (Thanh Hoa) at 163mm.

The forecast for today and tonight predicts scattered showers and thunderstorms in the Northern region, Thanh Hoa, and Nghe An, with localized heavy rain ranging from 10mm to 30mm and some areas receiving over 70mm. From the evening of June 7 to June 9, widespread heavy rain is likely to return to the Northern region and Thanh Hoa.

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