New typhoon in East Sea named Wipha

Wipha is the third storm of this year’s typhoon season hitting the East Sea after it developed from a tropical low pressure this morning.

The National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center said that the dangerous zone was centered at around 230 kilometers from the Paracel Islands with its strongest wind speed of 60- 75 kilometers an hour in this early morning.

During the next 24 hours, the storm is anticipated to move west- northwestward at a speed of 15- 20 kilometers an hour, and then it would be able to operate stronger.

Until 7am the following day, its eye will be located at 20.7 degrees north latitude and 110.2 degrees east longitude of the Leizhou Peninsula, China.

The tropical storm is warned to trigger violent winds of level 6-7, heavy rainfalls, big waves of 3-5 meters and rough sea in the Paracel Islands.

Within the next 24- 48 hours, Wipha is going to move westward at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

By Thursday morning, it will be at the territorial waters along provinces from Quang Ninh to Hai Phong.

After entering the mainland, Wipha is expected to be weakened into the tropical depression and the low pressure zone respectively.


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