Music videos with breathtaking natural beauty make you want to travel

Lately, provinces and cities have cooperated with artists, and travel bloggers to make such music videos with a desire to showcase beautiful images of Vietnam to the public. The majestic mountains and forests, the murmuring stream, and the old people, women, and babies in ethnic clothes in the afternoon in the MVs arouse the audience’s desire to come to the destinations where the musical events are held in the MVs.
Music videos with breathtaking natural beauty make you want to travel ảnh 1 singer Sen Hoang My Lam
Vietnam’s spectacular natural beauty of various famous tourist sites such as Non Nuoc Trang An, 468 steps to Ninh Binh Dance Cave, Yen Tu sacred mountain, Ban Gioc Cao Bang waterfall, Ta Xua sky cloud in Son La has just appeared in the music project of producer K-ICM along with many famous singers. This is not the only cultural music project to promote tourism that has been implemented in the past time.
K-ICM and vocalist Van Mai Huong introduced the third music product from the album Hoa called Hoa khong huong (Flower without fragrance) after the first two products are Chan May (together with singer Phuong Thanh) and Play with (with singer Trung Quan).
The MV Chan May opens the image of majestic high mountains in Ta Xua, Moc Chau while MV ‘Play with’ takes the audience to Cao Bang and Yen Tu, the MV ‘Flower without fragrance’ is a peaceful and gentle scene of Ninh Binh scenic area. The MVs make the audience overwhelmed by the majestic and beautiful natural landscape that moves people's hearts, contributing significantly to the pride of the homeland and country.
Talking about the MV "Flower without fragrance’, audience Le Hong Tuyet praised it adding that watching the MV is like traveling to see the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam.
Singer Van Mai Huong shared when making this MV that she had to climb 468 stone steps to shoot scenes with drones and shoot the rowing scene in Trang An. The MV was made to promote domestic tourism in general, as well as the Northern Province of Ninh Binh in particular.
At the beginning of July, singer Sen Hoang My Lam - the champion of Sao Mai 2017, introduced the beautiful highland homeland through the music project Northwest and me. The project consists of three MVs for the song ‘Tay Bac tha chieu vao tranh’ (Northwest afternoon is like painting), ‘Thanh xuan cua ban mai’ (Youth of the Morning), ‘Co em luon cho anh’ (I'm Always Waiting for You).
Recently, many singers have continuously released music products incorporating the image of their homeland, contributing to promoting tourism and culture. Several projects have inspired people to travel.
Besides K-ICM with the project Hoa, Sen Hoang My Lam with Northwest and me, Invite me to the Northwest, many good projects and products like MV For a Vietnam performed by Soobin Hoang Son, MV Huong Moc Mien by Vu Thang Loi, violinist Hoang Rob's Voluntary project, MV Come with a Round in Vietnam by Only C, Pham Dinh Thai Ngan will be introduced to the public as well.
Artists become tourism ambassadors, transmitting love for the country to everyone, arousing life experiences, explore the culture, nature, and people.
Music products have been made for tourism promotion clearly; for instance, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism once introduced the MV Vietnam trips composed by Vicky Nhung and performed by travel bloggers Ngo Tran Hai An, Tran Dang Dang Khoa, Khoai Lang Thang, Quang Vinh, Nhi Dang, Ly Thanh Co, Chan La Ca, Vinh Bear, Jay Quan. In early 2022, the Central Province of Quang Binh promoted tourism through the song ‘Phong Nha - the first wonder’. Previously, the song Quang Binh Oi performed by singer Tran Nguyen Thang was also noticed by music lovers.
Promoting tourism with music MV products is currently creating a positive message. However, making music videos in the direction of culture and tourism also needs to pay attention to how to exploit materials, because it is easy to duplicate ideas and images; with the careless staging resulting in complaints from the audience over the past time.

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