Mural paintings disappearing because of new houses contruction

Many mural paintings in a coastal central commune are on the risk of disappearance because they were painted on dilapidated houses which needs to be re-built.
The mural painting of three kids playing with ball on Thanh's house wall (Photo: SGG)
The mural painting of three kids playing with ball on Thanh's house wall (Photo: SGG)
Moss-covered walls of dozens of houses in Tam Thanh coastal commune in the central province of Quang Nam had colorful murals painted on them by the Korea Foundation Community Art Exchange Program a few years ago.
However, they will disappear because they were painted on walls of old and need to repair houses.  For instance, the house of Mr. Phan Van Thanh in Trung Thanh village with the painting of three kids playing ball together - an attractive destination for holiday-makers to have a photo - is run-down seriously.
Mr. Thanh feels regret at the painting drawn by an old Korean artist in a whole day so he remained the wall waiting for experts to remove it. Before building the new house, he reported to the local authorities, expecting the help of experts in preserving the wall. 
Tam Thanh Commune in Quang Nam Province has been sheltering generations of fishermen and their families.It is home to about 6,000 people in seven villages standing along a 6km stretch of unspoilt beach.
Nearly 100 houses in Trung Thanh Village were painted. The life of local residents, mostly fishermen, has changed in many ways after the commune hosted an art space late last year.

The art works feature daily life in the area, including fishing and related activities. Some of the old houses and fences in the area now sport 3-D paintings.

Chairman of Tam Thanh Commune People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh said that  three houses will be destroyed for building new houses. Experts planned to remove two mural paintings and knock down one in Thanh’s house and later Vietnamese artists will draw similar paintings.

Mr. Binh called on owners of these houses with mural paintings to report to the local administration to protect the paintings

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