Ministry to issue citizens with e-identification accounts from end of February

The Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (C06) under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) yesterday announced that it is going to provide electronic identification accounts for all citizens when requested from the end of this February.

Deputy Director of the Center for National Population Database under C06 is presenting his speech in the press conference. (Photo: SGGP)

According to C06, an electronic identification account is a collection of a username and a password or another equivalent authentication form created by MPS’ electronic identification and authentication system. This account, managed and authenticated on the e-identification app of MPS, is supposed to offer many benefits to owners.

For instance, whenever citizens perform any public services integrated in the national e-identification app, they will not need to fill in their personal information on application forms, which greatly save both time and cost.

They can also choose to share their personal data with a third party via a QR code or other technical solutions when this third party can provide a suitable system to connect to the electronic identification and authentication system.

Another convenience is that citizens can use this account to replace their physical citizen ID card and other personal documents (driving license, vehicle registration certificate, health insurance card) having been registered to integrate on the app.

Lastly, citizens can enter into financial transactions (paying electricity and water bills, paying social or health insurance, transferring money to another account) via this account.

C06 stressed that all confidential information of all citizens are precise, unique, and strictly secured since these data are retrieved and authenticated from the National Population Database, developed by the Government and managed by MPS.

To possess such an account, when coming to provincial police departments or district police stations to register for a chip-based citizen ID card, citizens need to also sign up for the account with necessary registration information (a private phone number and an email address, data about dependent people, driving license, vehicle registration certificate, health or social insurance card if wished to be integrated in the account). These official documents must be displayed on the registration day for authentication.

C06 stated that in the upcoming time, it will promote the use of the e-identification app, launch the project to use the National Population Database and electronic identification, authentication system in the national digital transformation process during the current period, with a vision to 2030. Clearly, this establishment of an electronic identification account for each citizen is a necessary step in the process.