Many Singaporean tourists willing to travel to Vietnam

The Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) said that according to the poll results of international tourists passing through Singapore's Changi Airport, 90 percent of Singaporean respondents said they are ready to travel to Vietnam as soon as international travel restrictions are lifted.
Many Singaporean tourists willing to travel to Vietnam ảnh 1
The survey "Demand of Singapore tourists to Vietnam" was conducted by Changi Airport Group in two weeks, from November 24, 2021, to December 8, 2021, by distributing survey questionnaires to 5,000 passengers using the airport service.
The summary from the survey results shows that, when international travel restrictions between Vietnam and Singapore are lifted, most Singaporean tourists want to visit Vietnam with family and friends to enjoy famous landscapes, beautiful beaches, and local specialties.
Vietnam's destinations are popular with Singaporean tourists, especially venues with easy access, good tourism infrastructure, high-quality services in big cities satisfying tourists’ demands.
When asked "When are you ready to travel to Vietnam?", survey respondents said that they will travel to Vietnam as soon as they can, and the travel ban is eased at international border gates.
In 2022, Singaporean tourists have shown their growing excitement about the trips to Vietnam. The tourist attractions of Vietnam are very close and familiar to Singaporeans.
Vietnam is a quite convenient destination for Singaporean visitors with direct flights and deluxe resorts.
The survey results have shown that changes in travel demand, especially the choice of resort tourism, are also in the general trend of world tourism. 95 percent of respondents said that they want to travel to Vietnam for the purpose of relaxation; therefore, they prefer familiar resorts where they can stay for several days.

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