Localities reserve goods for Tet holidays

Yesterday, departments of industry and trade in localities announced to prepare enough commodities for Tet holidays ( the Lunar New Year).
Localities reserve goods for Tet holidays ảnh 1
The Department of Industry and Trade in the Central City of Da Nang said that it had planned to reserve goods for the Lunar New Year.
According to the Department, the total reserve value of food and food products has been about VND1,900 billion (US$83,315,670). Nineteen production and business establishments, trade centers, supermarkets registered to participate in a stockpile of 165.6 tons of rice, sticky rice of all kinds, some 3,385 tons of meat of all kinds, approximately 1,997 tons of vegetables and fruits of all kinds, more than 36,248 tons of canned food, 996 tons of dry food, and 515 tons of confectionery of all kinds.
According to Deputy Director of Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade Nguyen Huu Hanh, to meet the consumption demand of people on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, it will organize booths to sell pork as per the market stabilization program.
Moreover, the Department will bring goods to two mountainous communes in Hoa Vang District and organize the 2022 Spring Fair and workers' Tet fairs.
On the same day, Director of Kien Giang Department of Industry and Trade Nguyen Van Hoang said that it has coordinated with distribution and retail businesses in the area to stockpile about 54,000 tons of goods of all kinds to serve people's consumption demand on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, worth over VND2,350 billion, up 8.4 percent over the same period.
Specifically, the province focuses on essential commodities such as more than 14,700 tons of rice, around 2,527 tons of other food products, some 3,733 tons of cattle and poultry meat and 5,398 tons of seafood, more than 10.5 million eggs, sugar, milk, cakes, confectionery, more than 4,500 tons of vegetables and fruits.
Kien Giang Province announced that about 15 percent-20 percent of the total amount will be shipped to the islands of Kien Hai District, Ha Tien City, island commune Tho Chau in Phu Quoc City this week.
In An Giang Province to the west of the Mekong Delta, 23 major enterprises have registered to participate in the stabilization program, preparing goods to meet consumers’ shopping demand in the Lunar New Year. It is expected that the total value of reserves will be about VND1,342 billion, an increase of 2.4 percent compared to the performance of the previous year.
The Department of Industry and Trade of the Mekong Delta Province of Dong Thap has just issued a plan to ensure the balance between supply and demand of goods, stabilize the market and meet the people’s consumption demand on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.
Additionally, the Department ensured enough supply of essential goods before, during, and after the Lunar New Year in 2022 without shortage of goods or interruption of goods sources, or speculation causing fever in market prices.
Leaders of Ca Mau province said that they will pay visits to medical facilities giving gifts to healthcare workers, especially frontline workers first. Moreover, they will drop by bereaved families who have lost loved relatives with Covid-19, families in difficult circumstances.
The province will allocate nearly VND40 billion for gifts, food rations for Covid-19 patients on the occasion of the 2022 Lunar New Year.

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