Households in Northern region suffer from skyrocketing home electric bills

Recently, many households in the Northern provinces and cities have been shocked as their home electric bills highly soar, even doubly and triply compared to the average level as usual. 

Especially, many customers paid around VND500,000 (US$21.37) to VND1 million (nearly US$43), and even received electric bills up to VND3million (US$128) in June instead of the maximum of VND800,000 (US$34) to VND1 million (nearly US$43) on average in May. 

The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) said that the hike in electric bills has primarily been driven by the recent severe hot weather across the Northern region on the large scale triggering the demand for power to record-high levels.

According to data from the National Load Dispatch Center, at noon of July 18, the electricity consumption in the Northern region set a new record- high of 22,800MW, around 4,200MW higher than the same period last year and 500MW higher than the recent record on June 21 of 2022.

The high demand for electricity usage during the intense hot wave has resulted in difficulties in power generation, affecting the energy efficiency of appliances in households. Therefore, the EVN suggested people, offices, agencies, and production facilities save electricity, especially during peak hours at noon and night time.

People are recommended to set air conditioners at 27 degrees Celsius or higher, use fans and avoid usage of electrical appliances with large capacity at the same time.

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