Hotline 1022 ready for welcoming reflections on Covid-19 pandemic

Under the direction of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, the hotline 1022 specializing in receiving and answering the questions about the Covid-19 situation in the city is now ready for receiving reflections from local residents, enterprises and organizations.

Accordingly, hotline 1022 permanently allows residents to monitor the handling process, receive notification of handling results after completing troubleshooting.

Through the hotline, the city's residents can keep an eye on the actual handling result and continue to reflect to the system in case that the problem has not been handled or the quality does not meet their requirements.

The banner of hotline 1022 specializing in receiving reflections and answering the questions of people, enterprises and organizations on the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the city 
To reflect Covid-19 situation via the Information Portal 1022, city residents can call hotline 1022, press number 3 or dial the phone number (028) 3824.9000.

Besides, local people can install app ‘Tong dai 1022’ on Android and iOS, access the e-portal, or send E-mail to

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